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What to Wear to your Newborn Session

Jul 16, 2020

Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived, you’ve reached out and secured a date for your session. Of course you’re excited and anxious for the newest member of your family to get their first ever portraits done. You know that our studio is stocked with wraps, hats, headbands…basically everything your little one needs for the photos you’ve dreamed of. And then it hits you. What should you to wear to the newborn session? Do you have anything that fits your new postpartum body? What color should it be? What does your significant other need to wear?

All very good questions and TRUST me when I say, almost every mama asks! Don’t worry, I’ve got a few suggestions below that might help you take the guesswork out of getting dressed for your new family portraits.

Maxi Dresses or Maternity Gowns

maxi dress example for mom what to wear for newborn session

Long maxi dresses and our maternity gowns are always a nice option when trying to decide what to wear to your newborn session. Maxi dresses are naturally slimming and flatter just about every figure under the sun – and with so many styles to choose from like V-necks, scoop-neck, sleeveless, off the shoulder, you’re bound to find one you adore. You’re also welcome to browse our client closet for something you like there as well – after all, that’s what they’re here for – so mamas can wear them! 🙂

Still need some ideas? Check out this pinterest board.

Shirts for Moms

I’m a sucker for a simple, flowy, silky top. 3/4 length sleeves are always gorgeous. Also – lace detail adds amazing texture and makes for beautiful images. Make sure whatever you choose – it’s your style and you feel comfortable in it because it will certainly show in your facial expressions if you’re not.

mom holding baby wearing solid burgundy long sleeved shirt what to wear for newborn session

Solid Colors

Solid colors work best. It’s always my recommendation to avoid busy patterns, loud colors and when possible, steer clear of distracting logos. You don’t want your clothing choice to take away from the star of the photos – your baby.

When in Doubt, Go Neutral

mom holding her new baby white flowy top

Shades of white, cream, gray and blue are always winners. These colors help bounce light and keep your baby from disappearing in the shadows – bonus points, it also makes it easier to coordinate your photos with the decor in your home. When choosing clothing for these portraits, just be mindful that you may want to print these products and hang them in your living room someday.

What Should Dads Wear?

what to wear for newborn session new dad holding daughter pink button down

Oftentimes, dads go forgotten in this question, but they’re important too! Just like you may be struggling, dad may wonder in the back of his mind “what the heck should I wear to this session?” My go to for dads are button down shirts. There’s just something about this style that really ties everything together. The benefit of them is that they can easily feel dressed up or dressed down depending on what mom wears.

If you’re wanting something that just feels a little more casual or dad doesn’t have a button down in his closet, a polo-style collared shirt works just as well and photographs just as nice!

What Should Siblings Wear?

At the end of the day, older siblings need to be comfortable. Just like you, wearing comfy clothes can relax them. Try to coordinate their color pallete off yours. If you have a toddler, I recommend bringing their photo shirt along separately and letting them change before the shots. Sometimes accidents happen and we want to avoid any stains.

siblings at newborn session wearing blue

Sweet Souls Portrait Design specializes in maternity and newborn portraits. We offer studio newborn, outdoor maternity and limited outdoor family sessions in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Contact us for more information or booking!



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