Helping Older Siblings Cope with the New Baby

Nov 13, 2021

Having a new baby can be an exciting time for your family – especially when there’s a sibling at home. But for toddlers, adjusting to a new baby in the house can be challenging. They’re used to having all of your attention and now having to share can be strange. Below you’ll find a few tips for navigating life with a newborn while helping older siblings cope with the new baby.

Listen to their feelings – and validate them

Try not to be dismissive of your toddler’s feelings – no matter how they express them. Acting out and temper tantrums could be their way of getting your attention. Be sure to let them know you recognize what’s happening and find ways to show that they’re still a very important piece of your family.

Make time for extra bonding

Easier said than done, especially with a newborn in the house – but this is important. Even if you can only carve out a few minutes each day for one-on-one time, it’s so important to letting toddlers know that they are still a priority.

Give small tokens of love

In other words, don’t shy away from giving your toddler a gift every now and then. With all the focus and attention on the new baby, it’s easy for them to feel left out. A small gift can help them feel seen.

Don’t forget the praise

Praise your toddler for a job well done when they do something nice around the house to help with their new sibling. A little can go a long way.

For more specific tips on helping your toddler adjust to a new baby – head over to the What to Expect website.



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