Studio Maternity or Outdoor Maternity: How to Decide

Sep 12, 2021

While you get ready for your maternity photoshoot – one of the questions you might ask is “Should I take maternity pictures outdoors or in a studio?” How do you choose? While both studio maternity and outdoor maternity photos are both equally gorgeous – there are a few distinct differences.

During the planning stages – we’ll determine together what the overall look/feel/vibe is you’re going for and make a decision on which style is the best fit for your vision.

Outdoor Maternity Sessions

When choosing outdoor pregnancy pictures, it’s important to schedule around the sun. Having these photoshoots at golden hour ensures that beautiful, warm glow you see across my maternity portfolio. When we schedule sessions for outside, I base appointment times off sunrise and sunset. While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it’s one you’ll be glad you followed later.

Locations for Outdoor Maternity

Charlotte (and the surrounding areas) are literally a goldmine of beautiful portrait locations. There is literally something for everybody. If you like the more urban feels – Uptown offers a range of looks from city skylines to abandoned industrial buildings.

For the nature lovers, there’s a wide array of nature preserves, parks, trails and lakefront views to choose from. While not all encompassing of every location available – I did put together a location guide of some of my favorite outdoor locations for maternity. Take a peek and see if anything interests you!

Family Portraits for Outdoor Sessions

While you can absolutely incorporate family photos into an indoor session, in my opinion, outdoors just works better for large groups. If you have toddlers, you know that they just want to be free. What better way to allow them a little room to run around and just be a kid than to be outdoors? Maternity photoshoots on location foster more opportunity for candid moments and connection.

Indoor / Studio Maternity Sessions

Studio maternity is so classic and timeless. If you’re looking for a more luxurious and laid back experience a studio maternity session might be best. Because we can control every factor in the images and we bypass the weather, these sessions offer more consistency and security in booking.

Will I have enough variety indoors?

Many times moms worry if their photos will look “different enough” if they do a studio shoot. I’m here to give you a resounding yes. Actually – HELL YES, MAMA. You can absolutely get gorgeous images with tons of variety with a studio maternity session.

Can I have family photos too?

Of course we can get family photos of your changing crew – just note, studio style images will have a more formal feel. If you’re looking for more candid and playful images, I’d definitely recommend an outdoor photoshoot.

What you get with every maternity session…

Regardless of whether you choose a studio maternity photoshoot or an outdoor maternity photoshoot, you still get a gorgeous assortment of images to choose from. All mamas gain access to our client closet and a complimentary gown consultation to try on. Older children and spouses can always be included in your session.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to capture this time in your life! If you’re looking for more information on the overall maternity experience offered, head over to the experience page.

Can’t wait to chat with you!





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